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SeasonsCoverWebOh this world, it changes like the seasons
And our attempt to reason
just leaves us empty and wanting

But You alone, You stand Your ground, unshaken
Oh Lord, would You awaken
my hope in You in every season...

Seasons, the sophomore album from Polen, is a musical adventure that will lead listeners through the different seasons of life while encouraging and inspiring them to seek God and trust Him.

For us, as a band, the album is the product of many seasons -some of them fruitful, and some quite barren. We started recording for this album during the summer of 2010. Three years and three band members later, the album was finally released. Oh what a journey we have been on! Some steps have been easy and obvious. Other steps have been difficult and arduous.

We have not always seen God clearly, nor have we followed Him perfectly through each season. Bu looking back we can declare with confidence that God ws with us, leading us. Jesus Christ is the Man for all seasons.

This world changes... You remain.

Seasons is a collection of songs meant to emulate the different seasons of life. Some will be a bit rough around the edges, other quite refined. You will hear songs straight from the heartbeat of summer, beconing you to dance, jump, or shout for joy. Other songs will bring with them the chill of winter, leaving you longing for even a ray of sunshine.

Don't worry... the sun is coming. It is always coming.

In every season, Jesus, You still reign! 

Alive To Shine (LIVE at New Grounds Café

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Dec 12 - Walnut Creek, OH

June 11 - Orrville, OH

July 30 - Fredericksburg, OH

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